Work Portfolio

Gordon Benzie is a marketing professional that has been delivering high impact marketing and business communications for nearly two decades. Mr. Benzie has held marketing and financial management positions within the enterprise software, network security, telecommunications, managed IT services, ISP and real estate industries. Mr. Benzie's highly effective writing and analytical skills have raised industry awareness, generated funding, increased market share and launched new products for small start-ups and large enterprise organizations. Mr. Benzie has made a direct impact to his employers and clients by expanding customer awareness, increasing sales or providing access to new investment capital.

Looking for a new direction to drive business growth? Perhaps your company could use guidance to see a fresh perspective by updating your marketing communications or business plan? Gordon Benzie can help by:

  • Writing a business plan to help identify opportunities
  • Reviewing your website for a content refresh
  • Collaborating with you to identify a better communications strategy
  • Helping you to update your brand promise
  • Creating and executing an integrated marketing campaign to source new leads

Clarify your business objectives, value proposition, competitive differentiation and earnings potential to prospective business partners, investors or new employees. Work with a professional writer that can deliver the right message to the right person while providing the necessary financial acumen to demonstrate the economic attractiveness of your business opportunity or product offering.

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